§          AUDIT

Ø       Statutory Audit under the Companies Act, 1956

Ø       Internal Audit

Ø       Due Diligence audit

Ø       Investigative audit

Ø       Limited Review of Quarterly results

Ø       Bank Audits

          Statutory Branch audit
          Concurrent Branch audit

Ø       Audits under the Income Tax Act, 1961

          Tax audit
          Transfer Pricing audit
          MAT audit
          Chapter VIA Deductions audit

§         TAX

Ø      Preparation & filing of Income Tax Returns

Ø      Preparation & filing of Submissions

Ø      Handling of search & seizure matters

Ø      Representation before assessing authorities

Ø      Representation before appellate authorities

         Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals)
         Income Tax Appellate Tribunal


§          Allied Services

Ø       Registrar of Companies matters

          Drafting of Memorandum & Articles of Association of Companies
          Incorporation / Dissolution of Companies
          Regulatory filings

Ø       Registrar of Firms matters

          Drafting of Partnership deeds
          Changes in deed on Introduction/Retirement/Death of partner
          Regulatory filings

Ø       Certification

          Foreign remittance certificates
          Debtors / Outstandings certification
          Networth certification 

Ø       Advisory Services on First Time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards(IND AS)

Ø       International Transfer pricing and Domestic transfer pricing



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